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Our Application:

WIS (Well Integrated System)

The principle idea of this application simply is:

Users from different departments enter their day to day data and inputs using certain forms. Accordingly, WIS generates lots of reports based on information entered and they become ready for the user to pick according to his/her requirements.

Every login determines which department the user is working in and also, determines what reports user will see and have access to.

Once user opens the application, the welcome message screen pops-up stating License information and license expiry date.

Also, it provide the support contact information in case needed by the user for assistance.

Two options buttons appear in the lower part of the message: "Continue" to open user application module related to his/her department and tasks Or

"Cancel" to close the window without opening any module.

Once you click on "Continue" button from the last screen, Login screen opens waiting your credentials to be entered:

Type your employee ID (which will be dimmed once entered to avoid other staff alters your ID and login) then move to Password field and enter your password. Also, password will be dimmed in few minutes "giving a chance in case you forgot your password and asked for support"

Click on "Go..." button to login and open your assigned application screen and menu.

In the following screen we will use Admin login where all application departments and module will be listed for the admin to chose from. Each module will represent one department login for certain department employee with given access and rights to that specific department tasks.

- Once your credential is entered, the system will automatically recognize you, your department and tasks.

- Both date and time will be showing in Login screen

- In case you did not want to login now, you may click on "Quit" button to quit the application.

This is Admin menu once logged in as one of the admins.

As you may see, using admin login grants the admin user access to all the application aspects "all sub-application".

- Admin Assistant

- Accounting

- Purchasing

- Inventory

- Sales

- Sales & Sales Mgt.

- Manufacturing .. and

- HR

If the user happen to login as any of those logins as per his/her department, he/she will be able to open ONLY corresponding application to that department.

When the Admin Assistant logs in, this menu will show waiting for his/her selection; "Reports", "Entries and Calls" or "My Action Plan" 

Admin Assistant could be: Office Coordinator, President Secretary or any similar position who will be granted almost enough access to all WIS application aspects and sub-menus to cover any absent employee works in any company department.

This person has to be well-trained on almost all WIS menus, forms and reports.

Examples of Reports Menu:

- All Client Corrective Action (CCAR) for Sales issues with customers.

- Orders Details (Sales orders)

- All Correction Orders, to fix any CCAR

- Repairs

- Shipping Cost

You have to enter both start and end date range for your report before clicking on the desired one.

Examples of Entries Menu:

- Making a sales call

- Creating a quote

- Creating sales order

- Review all sales orders

- Issuing sales invoice (Proforma Invoice, Invoice or Packing Slip)

- Add or Modify new customer account

- CCAR's; Creating new Client Corrective Action

- Creating correction order upon its CCAR

- Review all correction orders

- Review all item sold with their Serial #/s

- Create new Inventory Item or modify existing item

- Office Attendance update for all office staff (Calls for absence, late or else)

As you can see, Accounting menu contains all accounting aspects and modules:

- Accounts Receivables: (all related to company customers, their payments, aged invoices, list of customers and many other tools which help and keep the accountant always up to date.

- Accounts Payable: Similar to accounts receivables but related to company suppliers (who provide materials or services).. for example: Suppliers list, payments to suppliers, suppliers invoices and many other tools to help keeping the accountant up to dated with all company owing.

- Inventory: Enables the accountant to reports related to inventory like:

Inventory list (with quantities only or with their value)

- Accounts: Adding new account, Trial balance report, General ledger report and Review chart or accounts 

- Journal Entries: Entries of journal entries to input all accounting actions into their accounts considering Dept and Credit while entering.

- Commissions: Reviewing sales staff commission for their payments

WIS Purchaser deals with every thing relates to company purchasing and subsequent procedures to purchasing process;

Listed reports and forms in the shown image explains this idea as follows:

- Backlog Orders, gives an idea of all sales orders in the manufacturing process and what item/items may needed to be purchased to finalize the shipping.

- Shortage List, which represents to the purchaser all missing items for production

- Item Lookup, B.O.M (Bill Of Materials), Min/Max ... all these reports relate to Units items and inventory for them.

Also, you will find some reports about suppliers and tracing previous purchases with their suppliers. 

WIS Inventory as the title is clear, the application takes care of all day to day of all inventory process, counting, adding, deducting and any adjustment may needed to be done by the inventory clerk/staff who will have plenty of tools here to help him master his role:

- Min/Max is a wonderful tool/report to show every item information like:

code, sku, name, balance, min balance, max balance when to re-order and how many to order ...

If Inventory is taken care on a daily base with a dedicated inventory staff, this tool is your excellent tool to buy your missing items without waiting for missing items in production which leads to late shipping etc..

The rest of report help giving you full image about suppliers, supplies receiving slips, finding item suppliers and many others.

Also, inventory addition when new units produced, purchased new items or returned units in good shape for re-sell

While inventory deduction will take place when deduct all material used to produce new units  or shipped units or items.

In a sales oriented company or business, sales numbers and logs are essentials for management to monitor all sales aspects like:

best selling units, last month or certain period sales and compare it with similar period last year.

Sales returns and how to fix and find ways to avoid returns? how much company is paying for shipping?

Dealing with cold calls numbers and potential customers accordingly is also great tools to enhance sales reps skills and performance.

Sales analysis is a fantastic tool and report for many results could be gathered from such report.

Any report period or staff ID is required for certain reports.

Like said; Sales and Manufacturing are any business wings...

In this section, WIS Manufacturing application helps the Production/Operation manager to plan, assign and distribute work load and tasks between his staff to manage company production on time and create and produce strategic stock for sudden requests or big orders may be needed.

It generate staff time sheets, productivity reports and performance evaluation and time management.

Examples of some tools and reports in WIS Manufacturing:

- Time sheets for different process staff

- Daily production staff attendance

- Ability of adding production process

- Units B.O.M.

- Shipped items and non shipped items

- Also, monitoring inventory to order material, just in case needed

- Backlog orders and their assigning tasks.

- And many other reports


Whether your business is small size or not, you may need to some tool to control employees vacations, performance and evaluations, profile creation upon hiring process or terminating employee contract.

Also, this application gives you the ability to create employee ID cards, list of employees against their departments with or without pictures.

Dealing with production shifts and any possible work injury may happen and all reports have to be made in this regards.

Once more important feature is renewing your staff id/s like driving license if you have sales drivers or shipper and you decide to control and monitor such sensitive documents like these.

One perfect tool for the Manager to check and evaluate his staff work and performance is: Action Plan

As you see in the right side image, every action plan in any of WIS application, contains the following:

- Add new task or modify existing task

- Action plan reports between certain period (dates)

- List of all staff tasks since hiring date

All above entries or reports are to be generated by the staff on a daily base (to log his/her work) OR upon manager request in case of weekly meetings or evaluation meetings.